is 64 gb enough for iphone

Will an iPhone with 64 GB of ROM suffice everyone’s needs?

Yes! Maybe or maybe not. It depends on each user what actually are there needs and how do they use their iPhone.

Well, in today’s virtual hyper-lapsed world, people intriguingly ask themselves – “is 64 GB enough for iPhone?” And with dominating thoughts that comes to each user’s mind is that why to go with minimum storage when we have higher options.

But believe me! I have seen people much satisfied even with 64 GB of storage in the latest iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. However, you might think of an iPhone 11 Pro with just 64 GB of storage! Well, why not?

It’s just a matter of fact that those people have their iPhones with good and proper storage management. Besides, there are ways to manage ROM effectively on your iPhone. If you are an Apple user you might know it but if not, we will tell you how to do this.

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Is 64 GB enough for iPhone?

is 64 gb enough for iphone

Yes! for many users, globally, any iPhone variant with 64 GB would be enough to suffice all their needs. These are the users who won’t carry large multimedia files offline on their phones.

Besides, even if they are having a large number of photos, the iCloud Photo Library may easily handle all their storage needs. If you buy an iPhone or already have it with 64 GB options, you can use the iCloud Photo Library to manage all your media files storage efficiently and lets you stay on top of storage management.

iCloud Photo Library manages all your media storage by only storing the new pictures in high detail. All other media pictures or files are accessible as a thumbnail that can then be accessed by iOS as and when needed.

However, you will be using a 64 GB iPhone and get over 100 GB of images by enabling iCloud Photo Library service.

Another major aspect apart from storing large media files is an excessive number of apps that we use in our daily life. Besides, unlike Android, we cannot use any third party or junk apps on iPhone. That’s the major area where the iPhone never compromises its security of data. Also, it keeps the phone fresh and more secure.

Further, users cannot avoid using other apps that are accessible to them in Apple Store. For example, large gaming apps, apps that are not regularly used or used only once in many weeks.

For this, users can offload the apps from their devices so these apps do not consume bulk storage on the device and also the RAM.

Offloading iOS apps helps in eliminating the apps that are of no use until we launch them back. It works in a way that all of the apps we don’t use on a daily basis will get offloaded. However, they will still be visible to the home screen of our devices and once we launch them back they will first get downloaded.

Surprisingly, the data of those apps will be the same as you left behind. You can easily start from where you left off. It’s just the great science behind it!

The Final Takedown

In my opinion, an iPhone with 64 GB of storage is not a bad choice. As said earlier, it depends on how each user likes to use their device. Many people with just a willingness buy a high storage variant whether it’s of their use or not. And the person with some good technical knowledge will understand which variant to buy basis on the needs.

Above, I’ve provided you with two best services that Apple offers so that the users can effectively manage the storage in their iPhones. However, with new technologies like cloud storage, 64 GB should not be any more problem. Still, it can be for those who don’t rely on cloud storage and prefer to keep things available offline as and when they need it.

Also, if you have any other queries related in your mind feel free to ask us in the comment box below.


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