China is well known in this world as a nation that always wants to control its whole population forcefully or to keep an eye on them.

With the increasing power of technology, China now wants to keep an eye on human emotions using a particular type of surveillance system that can detect human emotions by analyzing pre-recorded video clips.

What has happened in recent days, a tech exhibition has taken place in Shenzhen city of China. Their many companies have exhibited a surveillance system that can detect criminals who are using machine learning or other forms of artificial intelligence system to execute crimes.

In that exhibition, there was another form of this technology that can detect human emotions by analyzing facial expressions through video clips.

The same type of emotion detecting sensors has already been installed in the Xinjiang region of China. This portion of China is Muslim population dominated and form leaked international news we all know that what China is doing there.

Most of the population of Xinjiang are now on concentration camp for almost no reason, now China has risen one step more by installing this surveillance system to control them.

Though from the Chinese side, the government is speaking that this technology is only meant to curve down the crimes in unrest areas. As this technology can record video at the same time it can analyze the footage to detect emotion, therefore, any criminal under this coverage would be in vain to execute his work, as it will detect his emotion and may notify the security to stop that immediately.

According to Li Xiaoyu, “……..the immediate response system of this technology will help to stop crimes including terrorism and smuggling.” It can also detect mental state. This is the main feature of this technology.

Though this technology is not out of criticism. According to many human security researchers, the possibility of detecting emotions by analyzing facial features or expressions is nearly impossible. As context, persons and culture and all these types can hinder the process of detection of facial expression.

At last, we can say that by analyzing its merits and demerits this technology is not yet ready for mass deployment and if in near future it is deployed then there will be always a question mark after whether it is capable flawlessly in its job. Therefore many political experts taking it as only a gimmick and nothing more than this.


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