10 Best Wifi Hacking Apps for Android in 2021

To find the possible vulnerabilities & take complete control of the device, hackers and security researchers penetrate the network. And WiFi poses high-security challenges compared to the wired network. There’re a few requirements to use the Wifi Hacker applications, you must have Android 4.0 and higher version, if you rooted device it’s one added benefit. It is one reason we will find ourselves well surrounded by many Wi-Fi networks all over. Thus, any way to access them can be useful. The Wifi Hacking becomes simple because of the wifi hackers applications. When compared to the wired networks, the WiFi networks pose the extra security challenge since the signals are available by public.

The signal strength plays an important role, when checking out for the WPS there must not be any connection drops, suppose these base needs satisfied, you may go with these top 10 WiFi Hacking Applications for penetrating this device. In today’s post, we will share the best WiFi Hacking apps for vulnerability assessment & penetration testing.’

List of Best Wifi Hacking Apps for Android

Best Wifi Hacking Apps for Android

1. NMap

NMapNmap is the network security scanner, which is accessible for different operating systems. It’s accessible for the Android. It’s used by ethical Hackers for network exploitation & Finding Vulnerability. One amazing feature is that this works on rooted & non-rooted phones both. You will get many features on the rooted phones compared to the non-rooted ones. It is one amazing application for the Android device. The app helps to scan the networks to find the ports & system details.

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2. Kali Linux Nethunter

Kali Linux NethunterEveryone must be aware of the Kali Linux app, the top operating system for ethical hacking. From the makers, Offensive Security, Kali Linux Nethunter app is open-source Android testing platform. Making use of the hacking Android application, you have to launch the Kali’s Wifite tool for going ahead with this process. The configuration interface of Nethunter allows you to take care of complex configuration files. The custom kernel that supports 802.11 wireless injections, and makes Kali Nethunter very important Android hacking tool out there.

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3. WPS Connect

WPS ConnectWPS Connect app is the most popular wifi hacker application for the Android users that you may install the wifi hacking app & start playing with WiFi networks of your surroundings. The routers have enabled the WPS protocol will be hacked with the wifi hacker’s application. Furthermore, you may focus on the router and examine that it is vulnerable to malicious attack. The WPS WiFi Hacking App will help you to hack WiFi password without any root and strengthen the WiFi network.

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4. Reaver WiFi Hacking Apps

Reaver WiFi Hacking AppsReaver WiFi for Android or RfA, is the best WiFi hacker application that is easy-to-use Reaver for Android smartphones. Reaver WiFi Hacking application detects the WPS-enabled routers on own. With the GUI, all Reaver settings are accessible. The wifi hacker’s application launches the brute force attack and recovers WPA/WPA2 passphrases. Being tested on various devices, Reaver can get target AP’s text WPA or WPA2 passphrase within 2 to 5 hours. Finally, Reaver for the Android supports the external scripts.

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5. Aircrack-ng

Aircrack-ngFor testing the network security and ensuring you have got proper tools to protect–you require the real WiFi hacking tool for Android. Besides allowing you to learn nuances of the WiFi hacking, like apps that can ensure you have got yourself well covered. The popular security app aircrack-ng is one tool that is ported to the Android by several Android developers & security enthusiasts. Thus, running aircrack-ng on the Android is not an issue, but difficult part is to have the WiFi chipset, which supports the monitor mode.

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6. Network Spoofer

Network SpooferNetwork Spoofer allows you to change the websites on people’s computers and phones or other accessing devices from the Android Phone. This isn’t the WiFi Password accessing and changing tool or Hacking tool but the spoofing tool. After installing all you need to do is just log onto the WiFi network and choose the kind of spoof you can use and press on start. Although this isn’t exactly the kind of penetration tool still it can show you how much easy or difficult it is to hack the particular network with the Android Smartphone.

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7. ZAnti

ZAntiZAnti is the WiFi hacking toolkit application that helps you find the amount of vulnerability (or accessibility). The app enables the security managers for analyzing the risk network level. Suppose you are the beginner so it is one best option because it is easy UI and powerful functions. You may use ZAnti for preventing target to access website and server that you wish to access. Suppose you know security of the WiFi network, then this app is good for you.

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8. AndroDumpper

AndroDumpperAndroDumpper is a superior WiFi Hacking Application that helps you connect with the router, which is WPS enabled. The Wifi Hacker Application is simple to use & download. This works for rooted & non-rooted devices. Also, the right way for connecting any device from the app is to just open an app, start the interface and begin to locate nearby wifi networks, have to associate with. This helps you acquire password also and can download App from the Google Play Store.

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9. Wi-Fi Password Hacker Prank

Wifi Password Hacker PrankThis is the free application for android users and will help you connect the android phone to the wifi networks accessible nearby. The free application simulates the process of hacking wireless network with the smartphone. With the app, you may hack wifi network passwords with one key. Prank word says it is the funny app that is used to prank.

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10. WiFi Kill

WiFi killer app enables you to access the WiFi. This is one highly common WiFi hacking application by the ethical hackers. UI of the app is quite simple, so you are the beginner we suggested you to use the app as it is simple and powerful interface. It is the open source app and useful when you wish to connect the open source WiFi network and WPA that do not secure the strong password. The apps shows you traffic that use this network.

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So, here is the complete list of the 10 best apps that will help you to use the internet from wireless network without being caught. Suppose you have got any idea about any other WiFi hacking app; let me know.


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