Animated shows have gained a huge market all across the world. There’s no doubt that most of the shows created in Japan have been very entertaining but to go from a regional market to the entire globe is no mean feat. But most of the people from different countries find it difficult to stream their favourite animated shows, at least not for free.

How to stream animated shows?

With the new cartoon streaming websites developing and the latest animated TV series coming out, the options have definitely developed for all the animated show fans. So no matter if you want to watch a Japanese show or an American show, you will definitely have methods to watch it without paying a dime.

Here are some of those platforms that you need to check out in order to watch your favourite cartoons:-

  1. KissPanda

One of the platforms that you can look to use is KissPanda. You can think of any cartoon out there and search for it here, you will definitely find it somewhere in the menu.

  1. Cartoon Park

As the name suggests, Cartoon park is a hub of animated shows. This application is known for the classic good old anime. Waste no time before using it.

  1. Kisscartoon

If you are looking for animated shows with HD quality, Kisscartoon is the platform meant for you. Along with the best quality, it also involves subtitles in different languages. They keep on updating stuff on a daily basis as well.

  1. YouTube

Isn’t that very obvious? YouTube has all sorts of content and nothing is different in the case of animated shows as well. Choose your quality and go for your favourite TV series. YouTube has created a section specially meant for kids.

  1. Anime Ultima

Anime Ultima has so much more to offer than a normal website serving you with your favourite content. It allows you to interact with people. Imagine experiencing your favourite shows with people who are as excited while watching and sharing opinions with them? Sounds fun, sounds very much what AnimeUltima has to offer.

  1. Side Reel

This is one place where you can consume content for free. It doesn’t mean that it is far from the quality of those where you have to pay first in order to watch your favourite shows. The shows get released on time here as well.

  1. Toonova

You don’t need to sign up in order to watch videos here. You can jump straight into the specific content you would like to watch. Other than that, it is absolutely free.

  1. Anime Toon

You can get different dubbed versions for your favourite anime series here. The genres have been divided very precisely with some of the most popular series available in each genre.

  1. South Park Studios

This platform is specifically meant for the South Park show. On the other websites, you might get a trimmed version of the series you want to watch. Here, you get full-length episodes.

  1. CartoonB

If you don’t want to compromise on quality, CartoonB is supposed to be for you. It makes available different cartoons in alphabetical order. No confusion at all and a very tight user-interface!


Q1: Can I watch my favourite anime shows for free?

You sure can watch anime shows for free. We have given out different names in the list above and almost all of them will come to you free of cost.

Q2: Is it legal to use these websites in order to consume cartoon content?

It is hundred percent legal as long as the websites are appearing in your search engine. We have mentioned only those websites which are safe to use.

Q3: Should I root my device before using any of these applications?

No, you don’t need to root your device. All you need to have is a strong internet connection so that it doesn’t buffer during the episode and ruin your concentration.

Not only children, mature people also like to watch animated shows. There are certain web series which are animated but have a lot to tell, something that people can enjoy regardless of their age. You don’t have to worry about if the content is going to be available for free. The sites mentioned above have got all your favourite stuff with the best of quality. Sit back, stream and get entertained by your favourite animated shows!



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