YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing and social media platform that is used by millions of people just like Tiktok but for Tiktok You may need famoid TikTok followers for better reach. There are multiple apps used to browse the contents that let the user explore YouTube in multiple ways. The Youtube Vanced is the modded edition of the official YouTube app which also contains several added features including the background and the screen off playback, Ad-blocking, Auto-repeat mode, Theme options, etc.

The default resolution can be applied to your videos and also the gesture options to control the brightness and the volume of the videos. Youtube Vanced is the modded version of YouTube. You can download YouTube Vanced for iOS and Android. It also adds several features that are not found in the official YouTube app. YouTube does not offer a subscription plan so not all prefer to pay for these features that are available for free on the desktop by using the adblocker.

What does YouTube Vanced offer?

YouTube Vanced manages and lets the user experience some of the basic YouTube experiences like watching the videos, creating playlists, commenting, watching live streaming and movies, managing your subscriptions, etc. The app also opens the original contents of YouTube, allows for background play, removes the advertising, etc. The app provides the user with a subscription to Google play music and YouTube music to present the best Music streaming and video combination. The thumbnail images are displayed in wide, HD quality contents are also available in the app.

The main features of the Youtube Vanced app include:

  • Has the ability to block all the video advertisements and enables to play the videos in the background
  • In the auto-repeat feature, videos like TikToks or songs on the loop can be enjoyed
  • The swipe control feature allows the user to control the brightness and also the volume
  • To lessen the eye strain and the battery drain, the AMOLED feature is available

Installing the YouTube Vanced app for Mac and Windows

  • The next step is to run the EXE file on your computer for installing the emulator.
  • Then download an APK by using a trusted source.
  • Right-click on the location of the downloaded file to open it.
  • Choose the open with BlueStacks option.
  • Once you complete all the above-mentioned processes, the app will be installed on your computer.

Enabling 4K streaming and other features on YouTube Vanced

  • Open the YouTube Vanced app and click on the profile icon.
  • Click on settings and go to the Vanced settings.
  • You will notice video settings, Ads Settings, Misc, and other options.
  • Go through all the options and change them according to your preference.
  • Finally enjoy as you watch the YouTube videos of your choice.

Some of the frequently asked questions

  • Is YouTube Vanced for PC an illegal app?

It depends on the legal systems of the countries as it is an unofficial YouTube app that comes with enhancements. Hence, complying with the terms and conditions of the YouTube app of your country is essential, if you are downloading and using it for personal use.

  • What is Youtube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is the modified edition of the official YouTube app that comprises certain additional features which make the YouTube experience even more appealing to the user as it contains features like a black AMOLED theme, background playback, ad blocking, and picture in picture, override max resolution, etc.

  • Does the YouTube Vanced support auto-update?

The YouTube Vanced does not support auto-update, the Vanced manager will send the notification if any updates are available.


the YouTube Vanced for PC has implemented modifications and improvements over the original YouTube app. It has plenty of the additional features that are not available in the original Youtube like the built-in features like ad-blocks, background playback, dark themes, picture in picture mode, etc. It is also the best-modified edition of the official YouTube app with its amazing features that are not available either in YouTube’s premium membership mode. This app makes your YouTube video streaming experience more fun to watch, but it is officially available only for Android devices as it can be accessed by downloading the YouTube Vanced APK file through the official website.



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