Goddard is an early childhood education provider with more than 500 locations throughout 37 states and hundreds of franchises its headquarters is in  Pennsylvania Prussia,  Lois Goddard Haines started the Goddard School in 1988 intending to improve outcomes for children and their families who needed daycare. You can learn other Goddard School Tuition Details here. They acquired the license from the Pennsylvania Department to serve as a model for improving early childhood care and education, the original school used a range of teaching methods and innovative ideas from all fields of child psychology and neurology to provide a friendly but personalized experience to fit the requirement of each child.

  1. Who is the owner of the Goddard franchise?

WIND RIVER HOLDINGS is the Goddard school owner.

The purchase of GSI by Wind River was finalized in March 2002. GSI was voted the #1 childcare franchise for the eleventh straight year on Entrepreneur magazine’s “Franchise 500” (January 2013).

  1. Is the Goddard franchise a good one?

A Goddard School franchise is a great investment right now. The Goddard School is a well-known brand with over 400 sites across the country, and it has been named the number 1 Childcare Franchise in the United States by Entrepreneur magazine since 2002.

  1. What is a franchise’s maximal income potential?

If you search “national average income for a franchise owner in the United States,” you’ll come up with figures ranging from $50,000 to $200,000 a year. The true explanation is meaningless because typical income differs amongst franchises owners.

  1. Which franchise is the most profitable to invest in?

As their total income increases, more of them are ready to invest in their children’s education. Furthermore, parents are aware of the shortcomings of their state’s educational system and are seeking alternative methods to provide their children with greater knowledge and abilities. School franchises are well-known and recognized throughout the country, owing to their extensive market experience.

  1. What is the rate of Goddard School?

$259K – $267K for the initial franchise and support fees

A franchise charge, training fee, first marketing fee, site development assistance fee, and other administrative fees are included in these initial expenditures.

The cost of establishing a school ranges from $335, 000 to $431, 000 dollars.

Furniture, curriculum materials, computer systems, security systems, and other incidental expenses are all part of the school’s initial costs. These do not include real estate, which is based on factors such as building size, location, layout, financing, and other information detailed in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

  1. Is Goddard School a good Financial Investment?

yes, it is a good investment, because of its growing popularity and education system.

  1. How profitable are daycare franchises?

Owners of childcare centers make an average profit of $37,000 per year. Some childcare facility operators report annual profits of more than $60,000, while others record annual profits of less than $20,000. These values are influenced by a variety of factors,

  1. How much money can a franchise business owner make?

According to Franchise Business Review*, U.S. franchisees earn a basic amount of $63,000 per year before taxes. A total of $80,000 of the amount is expected to be spent. The majority of franchisees earn less than $50,000 per year, with only 7% earning more than $250,000.

  1. How much does Goddard’s owner earn?

The average pay for an Owner in the United States is $75,970 per year, which is 49 percent greater than the average compensation for this job at The Goddard School, which is $50,896 per year.

  1. What is Goddard’s school net worth?

The Goddard home office earned more than $22.8 million in net earnings last year, up to $6 million from 2015, on total sales of $56.6 million.


  1. what do GSI franchises provide?

GSI provides franchisees with support in site development,  Real estate, operations, marketing IT, advertising, quality assurance, training, etc.





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the Goddard school is ranked 1 of the best national franchise and the world’s best franchise. from this, you can understand that Goddard school is a good investment to make because of its sophisticated and growing demand for early childhood education.