DP for Girls

In the modern day and age, almost everyone has an internet persona. And nothing says more about your internet persona than your profile picture! So all of us want a cool profile picture, one that reflects who we are and what we are all about.

Now that we have established the importance of a profile picture or DP as they are otherwise known, we might as well delve a little deeper into them.

How Did Profile Pictures Originate?

Before we do so, though, let’s take a glance back at how this trend of putting up an image as a part of a person’s internet profile became a rage.

The internet as we know it now has evolved a lot from its inception in the days of dial-up modems! Back in those days when people wanted to communicate with each other over a shared topic, they used various chat rooms! You can consider them the social networks of the olden days.

In there originated the word DP or Display Picture which was typically used as an identifier of a person on the internet, as even in those days people with the same names were relatively common.

Why Should You Change Your Profile Picture?

The DP of old has evolved into the modern profile picture or profile pic and has been brought to the forefront.

Now you need to change your profile picture, and you have to change it often if you want to stay abreast of things and showcase your thoughts and views to the whole of the interwebs.

Also, there has been a lot of talk about fake profile pictures. A fake DP is one where someone deliberately tries to hide their identity behind an image. However, sometimes anonymity is required and as such cute profile pictures make you seem cool as well as protect your identity!


So without any further ado, let’s get right to the fun part.

Best DP for Girls

Profile Pictures are like first impressions, and they reflect what you’re thinking or feeling at that moment! Below we have some of the best profile pictures that we could find for various moods!

Best DP for Girls for Whatsapp Profile

Choosing the best display picture (DP) for WhatsApp is subjective and depends on personal preferences. However, I can suggest some popular and commonly used types of DP for girls on WhatsApp:

  1. Smiling Portrait:
    • A cheerful and smiling picture can convey positivity and warmth.
  2. Nature or Scenery:
    • Use a beautiful nature or scenery image as your DP. It could be a sunset, beach, mountains, or any serene landscape.
  3. Quotes or Inspirational Messages:
    • Select a DP with a quote or message that resonates with you or inspires you.
  4. Selfie with Friends:
    • A group photo or a selfie with friends can show your social side and happy moments.
  5. Artistic or Creative Images:
    • Choose a DP that reflects your artistic or creative side, such as an artwork or a creatively edited photo.
  6. Cute Animals:
    • A picture of a cute animal, pet, or even a cartoon character can add a playful and adorable touch.
  7. Travel Photos:
    • Share a picture from your travels, showcasing different cultures, landmarks, or your adventurous side.
  8. Festive or Seasonal DPs:
    • Update your DP according to the ongoing festivals or seasons to add a touch of celebration.
  9. Hobbies or Interests:
    • Showcase your hobbies or interests in your DP, whether it’s playing a musical instrument, reading, or engaging in sports.
  10. Fashion or Style:
    • If you’re into fashion, consider using a stylish and trendy photo as your DP.

Best DP for Girls for Facebook Profile

Choosing the best profile picture for your Facebook profile is a personal decision, and it depends on your style, preferences, and the image you want to project. Here are some ideas for a great Facebook profile picture for girls:

  1. Solo Portrait:
    • Choose a clear, well-lit solo portrait that showcases your face. Make sure you’re comfortable with your expression.
  2. Candid Moments:
    • Use a candid photo that captures a genuine and joyful moment. It could be a laughing shot or a casual pose.
  3. Group Photo with Friends:
    • Displaying a photo with your friends can highlight your social side and the importance of relationships in your life.
  4. Travel or Adventure Picture:
    • Share a photo from your travels or adventures. It could be a scenic view, a landmark, or an action shot.
  5. Hobbies or Passion:
    • Showcase your interests or hobbies, whether it’s playing a musical instrument, painting, or engaging in a favorite activity.
  6. Fashion and Style:
    • If you’re into fashion, choose a stylish photo that reflects your personal style and flair.
  7. Professional Headshot:
    • Consider using a professional headshot if you want a polished and sophisticated look.
  8. Artistic or Creative Image:
    • Use a creatively edited or artistic photo that expresses your unique personality.
  9. Festive Profile Pictures:
    • Update your profile picture to align with different festivals or special occasions.
  10. Quotes or Inspirational Images:
    • Share a photo with a meaningful quote or message that resonates with you.


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