The price of smartphones is much higher than the features they possess. Recently experts are working continuously day and night to bring down the latest technology at an affordable rate. Tech-savvy global citizens prefer having smartphones with great features at smarter prices.

But still many models at the top of the price chart list have created great demand and been one of the most sold products in the smartphone market. Such is the case is of £729/$699 – Apple iPhone 11 model and £499/$599 – Oneplus 7t model. These are the newly introduced flagship models of their brands.

Apple’s newly launched iPhone 11 is available to the people through pre-order.

Oneplus7’s newly launched One Plus 7T is one of the favorite smartphones of 2019. This newly launched smartphone offers the all-round package and is available at an affordable rate.

So, therefore, both these phones retain most of the features than other expensive devices.

Both these phones are powered by top-flight mobile processors, both of them even contain multi-lens cameras, and are beautifully designed. But yeah demerits of course exist, both these devices lack the features of pop-out selfie cameras, 5G connection, and ultra high resolution of the display.

Comparison between iPhone 11 Vs OnePlus 7T


Performance, Battery Capacity & Charging of iPhone 11 Vs OnePlus 7T:

The One plus 7T has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor inside and it has ample space of  8GB of RAM. This is the same 8GB microchip that is found inside the gaming phones. This is the most powerful CPU available in Android phones today. This phone contains an upgraded processor that features a 4th generation Al Engine and can handle more than 7trillion of operations per second.

Hence this phone provides a swift performance, with hardcore mobile gaming processor,but still it can’t match the benchmark pace of iphone11 as Apple iPhone 11 contains A13 bionic, a Hexa core processor with 64 bits, it even contains a custom quad-core GPU and an octa-core neural engine which usually can perform almost 10trillion tasks per second.

Apple’s A13 Bionic also contains almost 4GB of RAM  and it’s enough, as android is more hungry than iOS, and this iOS handles memory management differently than the android phones.

So, therefore, oneplus7T is among the slickest feeling android phones available in the market.

In the case of the battery, the Oneplus7T has a 3800mAH battery, that can cover moreover a day. It usually supports the Warp charge 30T charging technique that can cover at least 70% of charge in 30minutes. Oneplus 7T can charge quickly with the adapter, that’s available along with the phone.

The iphone11 has a 3110mAh of battery and can support the 18W fast charging method, and this is not like the 7T wireless charging. Though the iphone11has a relatively smaller battery as compared with One plus 7T, but still the iPhone lasts longer hours of charge.

The 3,046 mAH power pack that iPhone 11 contains is 20% much smaller than the 3800mAH unit of powers of Oneplus7T.

Apple iphone11’s battery lasts for a duration of 11hours 16 minutes, while the Oneplus7T’s battery lasts for a duration of 8hours 42 minutes.

Specially Crafted Designs of Both these Two Models:

Both of these two models (iPhone 11 vs OnePlus 7T) have radically different designs.

The one plus 7T is a bit tall and narrow. It weighs almost around 190 gms and is lighter with 8mm of thickness. It is having a metallic look and is made up of glass. Its panel seems like having 2 color finishes: frosted silver and glacial blue. It even has a thin body, a glass finish on it’ back, provides a beautiful texture. It has a 6.55 inches flat screen.

The iphone11 has an identical weight and display size. It is made up of hard glass and metal. It has an array of colors. This phone is even a water-proof and dust resistance phone. This is a solid phone with a glossy back and is not so slippery. It is coated with aluminum.

Prices and Availability:

The oneplus7T costs $599 and this can be brought through T-Mobile or from an unlocked version from Oneplus, whereas, Apple iphone11 starts at $699 for the base model, and it contains 64gb of storage and this can be brought from any Apple stores, and also from the company’s website.


Both phones contain dual-camera. The Oneplus 7T has three camera lenses arranged circularly. It also has a 48-megapixel main camera. It also has ultrawide and telephoto lenses, and a separate macro mode. It has a focus between 2.5cm and 8cm. It has a 2× optical zoom, a nightscape mode.

The iPhone11’s camera has a dual camera set up, a 12-megapixel lens, an ultra-wide-angle lens,120° view, it doesn’t contain any telephoto lenses, but portraits can be captured with blurry backgrounds and lighting effects. It also supports night mode, true tone flash, panorama mode, it has a 2× optical zoom and 5× digital zoom.

Moreover, it captures selfies with its 12mp selfie camera. It’s front camera even supports portrait mode. It has a special Quick take feature that helps to shoot videos without switching off the photo mode.

It has smart HDR processes, which helps to enhance different parts of the image.


The Oneplus 7T has a 6.55-inch fluid AMOLED display, with a teardrop notch. It has Full HD resolution with 2400×1080 pixels and 402 pixels per inch. It has a 90Hz refresh rate, which makes scrolling smoother.

The iPhone11 has a 6.1 inch LCD, it supports HDR and true tone technology which is helpful for screen optimization and it optimizes the brightness of the screen. The iphone11 has somewhat a low resolution of 1792×828 pixels with a density of 326 PPI.

The iPhone 11’s 652 nits of peak full brightness of the screen make it usable on a sunny day compared with the 474 units of the peak of oneplus7T. The iPhone uses OLED technology, but oneplus7T has a more refreshing rate and sharper resolution, better than the iphone11.

Overall Winner: Apple iPhone11

Though in the battleship of iPhone 11 vs OnePlus 7T, the one plus 7T is neat and complete with all the features.

Yet, Apple iPhone 11 is more well-rounded.

The iPhone11has a great battery capacity, a good quality camera, it offers superior performance quality, it has durability, wireless charging system, consistent camera quality, more redefined software, and it’s the better handset overall.

Thus, in nutshell, we can state that the Apple iPhone 11 stands out in all features and respective virtues.


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