What is Full Form of Computer

The computer is nothing new to us. We all make use of computers at home, offices, and public places. We usually don’t bother to dig into the hardware and software of computers, unless if one is a software or hardware engineer. We all know how to operate computers but we hardly aware of the terminology used in computers. 

For the information of young ones, who are still learning the subject of a computer at schools or colleges, this article deals with what is full form of computer and simple computer terms that are useful to all, newbie or pro.

What is Full Form of Computer

What is the Full Form of Computer?

The term Computer comes from the word ‘Compute’. Compute means calculation. The most basic definition of the computer is an electronic device which is designed for fast calculation. Many of the intellectuals decode the term computer as “Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research”. This is just an extension of the term computer. It is not at all relevant to the usage of the computer.

The computer itself is a complete term that has derived from computing. Initially, the computer was just used calculation and printing papers.

The typical definition of the computer is –

“A computer is a general-purpose electronic device that is used to perform arithmetic and logical operations automatically. A computer consists of a central processing unit and some form of memory.”

All Computer Terms

To better understand the function and core features of the computer, it is important that you should’ve known a few terms about the computer. Usually, we just concerned about our work accomplishment through the use of computers but don’t bother about the basic terms that everyone should know about the device which they use every day.

You might have come across these terms. Let’s increase some GK about computers today.

We use a lot of computer jargon, sometimes incorrectly in lack of proper knowledge about it. Let’s understand the meaning of such common terms.


Most of us use the term internet interchangeably with the world wide web but both are different. The Internet is actually a network of computers while the world wide web is a system that provides information from servers all around the world. So both are quite different


In a layman term, a browser is a gateway to access the world wide web. Through a web browser, one can access the web pages published on the internet.


Bandwidth is the speed of data transmission from the internet to your computer. Higher bandwidth is considered good for the fast travel of data.

Disk Space

Disk space is the storage capacity of the computer. The files stored in the disk space loads even after the computer is switched off and users will be able to load them again.


A virus is a malicious software that injects itself into computer files in order to corrupt it. The term virus is often interchangeable with spyware, trojans, and worms. However, all these terms have a slight difference. Like worm is a separate program that is harmful to computer systems.

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Full-Form of Computer Parts

We often use the short form for computer terminology because they are lengthy and not so easy to utter again and again. Here are some full forms of basic and essential computer terms

Full-Form of a Computer Mouse

The mouse is an output device attached externally to the computers for controlling the cursor on the screen. The full form of the mouse is M – Manually O – Operated U – Utility use for S – Selecting E – Equipment.

The term mouse is not an abbreviation but just like the term computer, the mouse is also given a name on the basis of the letters in its name. 

Full-Form of CPU

The full form of CPU is the Central Processing Unit. It is the main processor of the computer system and therefore called as the brain of the computer. It is responsible for doing the main task of the computer.

It has three parts, ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit), CU (Control Unit), and input-output processing.

Full-Form of GPU

The full form of a GPU is the Graphics Processing Unit. It is responsible for modifying the memory very fast for the creation of images and videos. They manipulate computer graphics and is used for image processing

Full-Form of APU

The full form of APU is Accelerated Processing Unit. It is an example of technology where it acts as a central processing unit and graphics processing unit on a single die.

Full-Form of RAM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. RAM is used to store machine coding and working files of the system. Today RAM is available as IC (Integrated Circuit) Chips.

Full-Form of USB

The full form of USB is Universal Serial Bus. It is a standard set by the industry to give a name to certain types of Connectors and Cables for power supply and exchange of data between the 2 computers.

Full-Form of DVD

The full form of DVD is Digital Versatile Disc. It is a very old format of storing media in the digital format.

Full-Form of RJ-45

The full form of RJ 45 is “Registered Jack”. Like USB, it is a type of connector used for mostly ethernet networking.

Full-Form of OCR in Computer

The full form of OCR is Optical Character Recognition. Its function is to convert the images, handwritten text and typed text into machine coded language. It is widely used in public services like passports and banks. 

Full-Form of ZIP in Computer

Zip is a file format that prevents loss of data upon compressing the file into a smaller size. It uses many compression algorithms like Deflate.