full form of PUBG game

PUBG – A game that has gained enough popularity among the young lads this year, is also the most downloaded game of the year. It has hooked up everyone with its exciting battle royale gameplay and adventurous journey towards winning the Chicken Dinner for the last man standing. It can be played solo, duo, or in a team where strategies are equally important to shooting skills. But many people don’t know the full form of PUBG?

No doubt, that people have gone crazy for playing this game leaving everything else, but there are still many things that are unclear about the game. Even gamers that play PUBG like a morning prayer (Daily!), don’t know many of its terminologies. That’s why we decided to write this article to let you know the lesser known things about PUBG. Read here everything from the full form of PUBG to its complete gameplay.

Description of PUBG

full form of PUBG game


So let’s talk about the gameplay of PUBG. if you haven’t played the game yet, get yourself familiar with the basics of PUBG. Later in this piece, we will reveal the full form of PUBG.

PUBG is basically a PvP (Player vs Player) Shooting game where a maximum of 100 players was landed on a piece of land. The objective in the game is to sustain till last. The last man standing will cherish ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ compliment. This game can be played in all modes – single, double or team up with 3 more players.

There are 4 maps or location in the game. The game (Battle Royale) begins when 100 players land on one of the maps from the parachute. The place where they landed can be of different dimensions say, 8 X 8 kilometers, 6 X 6 kilometers,  4 X 8

4 kilometers, etc. Here a player’s strategy to jump from the plane is crucial.

PUBG has a huge range of customization options for clothing, arms, and other things which directly has no effect on the game. After landing on the map, players have to be quick to find weapons and armor, and vehicles behind buildings, towns, and other ghost sites. Moving ahead in the game, you may find more of such weapons and accessories in the high-risk zone. You can loot other players as well to grow your weapons.

At the advanced stage of the game, you can choose between the first or third person perspective. This completely depends on the player’s gaming strategy. The game becomes more challenging when the land area starts shrinking in every minute. If you want, you can also resurrect your partner in the game. The game is divided into various levels. When the player completes a level, they will receive in-game currency. This currency can be used for purchasing various game items.

What is PUBG

It’s needless to say that PUBG is an online battle royale game. This game is developed by PUBG corporation. It’s a South Korean company and a subsidiary of Bluehole. The game was initially launched on PlayStation and PC. Looking at the popularity, developers soon announced the arrival of the game on Mobile platform.

It’s free to install and is immensely popular among all the Android game lovers. Online App markets and third-party app stores are flooded with Mod version of this game. However, we like to highlight the fact to our readers that installing and playing through such Mod is the matter of piracy and also unethical.

Full Form of PUBG

PUBG full form is a PLAYER’S UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND. The name itself gives an idea about its gameplay. As we have discussed, it is a battle royale game where player Are landed from the parachute at any random unknown battleground. Let’s get to know some more PUBG

Ads PUBG Full Form

Ads mean AIM DOWN SIGHTS. Many of the PUBG players are confused about the term. You may adjust the Ads sensitivity for varied purposes. It is related to the camera settings in the game. This helps you to escape from being targeted by other players in the game.

PUBG BP Full Form

PUBG BP Full Form is PUBG BATTLE POINTS. You may win them while playing the game. It depends on the individual gameplay of the player. If you have killed the number of players in the game, you may win more PUBG BP and can use them to buy other valuables in the game.

PUBG MVP Full Form

PUBG MVP means PUBG MOST VALUABLE PLAYER. An all-rounder Pubg player who’s good at doing everything from killing players to damage and support is called MVP in Pubg game. No matter you are playing solo or duo, if you have the maximum number of kills, you may win the tag of MVP.

PUBG RP Full Form

RP in PUBG stands for ROYAL POINTS. They can be collected according to levels And your performance in the game. There are different levels and raise up, you need to complete different RP missions.

AKM Full Form in PUBG

AKM stands for an assault rifle in the PUBG mobile game. It is one of the strongest weapons in PUBG game. For close quarter fighting and medium-range gunfights, AKM is perfect. It has 2 modes viz., single shot and automatic mode. Definitely, a person with AKM can survive long in the game…

AWM Full form in PUBG

AWM is another lethal rifle in PUBG game. The rifle has been designed especially for sharp shooting and is very accurate in pointing your target. It is possible to shoot on the head of your enemy with this AWM gun. The developers have described the gun as ‘Monster Sniper Rifle’. It can cause maximum damage to your enemy from a distance of 150 meters.

M4 Full Form in PUBG

It is another deadly rifle in the PUBG game where you can fire in two modes viz., single and auto. Compared to other rifles, this is quite faster than others. For maximum damage, it covers a distance of 60 meters. The rifle can be modified accepting its coil, muzzle, and magazine. In the real world out of PUBG, such guns are used by military personnel.


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