For the past two years, we were forced to stay at home due to the pandemic COVID-19. No one knew when the things would get back to normal. Staying at home led us to become a potato couch. From watching movies to playing online games, we spend most of the time sitting and lying in the bed. With a fat tummy and shape body, getting back to our original shape is hard but not impossible.

Gyms were closed and our bodies have gained excessive mass leading to many physical problems. However, we all can take advantage of the internet and practice some healthy activities at home. If you are willing to take the challenge, make sure to get a high-speed internet connection just like Spectrum with a speed of as much as 940Mbps to keep you connected and to watch or stream videos without any hiccups. Moreover, you will also get optimal support in the Spanish language, if you have issues speaking English. For Spanish customer support, contact servicio al cliente spectrum. Having a top-notch internet connection with customer support is rare, but not when you have Spectrum in your area.

After having the right internet connection, you can now watch as many videos as you want without any buffering issues or lags. Let’s have a look at some of the best fitness and exercise apps of 2022 to help you stay in shape. Stay tuned and get started.


8fit is a popular choice among workout geeks and diet-conscious people. The app allows you to create a tailored program for your exercise and diet depending on the result you want to see. It is an ideal choice for those looking for suggestions, instructions, guidance, and reminders to stay in shape.

8fit allows you to set goals whether it be about gaining muscles, losing weight, or getting fitter. You can also personalize your goals precisely if you want to lose body fat up to 30 percent in the next six months. 8fit is designed for you to create a fitness plan according to your terms. For instance, you can set what time of the day you want to exercise and what meals you like to cook.

Embarking on your fitness journey during COVID-19 is no longer difficult when you have 8fit with you. Never feel lazy and keep your body in shape with this fitness and exercise app. The app is available on both iOS and the Google Play store. Install the app right now and set your fitness goals while staying at home.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is something that not only benefits you but also helps organizations depending on donations and charity. Whether you are bicycling, running, or walking, the corporate sponsors donate a few cents for every mile you complete. You can choose any organization to whom you wish to donate money.

Charity Miles is available for free to install on your iOS or Android device. The Charity Mills functions like a running stopwatch, walking timer, run tracker, or cycling meter. All you need to do is start and stop your exercise with one tap to keep track of the covered distance. You can pick from 40 different charities to donate money to. If you have the spirit to stay in shape and help others with charity, Charity Miles is surely going to benefit you and your organizations.

Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach is another great app to help you stay active and keep your body in shape during COVID-19. The app is easy to use and helps you stay in shape with workouts that continuously modify according to your capabilities, feedback, and goals. It is just like a gym instructor or personal trainer who constantly guides you to stay healthy, and fit.

You don’t have to commute to the gym anymore when Fitbit Coach is just a tap away. Workout anytime and anywhere without any limitations. Fitbit Coach also recommends exercising depending on your daily activities tracked with a Fitbit device. The app also offers a wide range of music stations to help you stay motivated during a workout. Install Fitbit Coach now to engage in workout activities at home.


Peloton is the best app if you love to do cycling. It is not limited to only cycling, but also gives you access to strength training, workout, yoga, and outdoor running. Just like you go to the gym for fitness and exercise while the fitness coach is instructing, Peloton works similarly. It will provide you with real-time instructions through experts.

The app allows you to modify instructions according to your requirements, but keep in mind that most of the workouts are challenging and tough. Classes in Peloton range from 5 minutes to 75 minutes including all the instructions related to cycling and treadmill.

Summing Up

The majority of people are living a life that is not considered as healthy. With the lack of physical activity and our lifestyle, having a workout needs to be taken seriously. However, if you are too lazy to go to the gym, make sure to take a look at these apps as they will help you to keep yourself healthy as ever without bearing extra gym costs.