Technologically, in some of the other ways, there’s always a constant battle between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. Both companies are tech giants offering high-quality consumer-durable products. Besides, both the companies are highly trusted and praised by their users.


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This cold-war, in some way, generates hype amongst their product users, making both tech-companies top-notch rivalries in the tech world. We can usually find there’s a constant battle between the smartphone leaders launching back again to tease each other. 

Recently, this year, when Apple launched its much improved iPhone 11 with more advanced features and the new beast flagship camera; The phone got extreme reviews and popularity among professional videographers as well as photographers. 

And now Samsung Electronics Co.’s response to Apple Inc. is the preparation of the most significant overhaul to cameras to its flagship killers for the next year 2020.

The Samsung Co.’s New Big Step:

Samsung Electronics Co.’s response to Apple Inc.’s much-improved iPhone 11 cameras is going to be a giant photographic arsenal strapped to the back of its 2020 flagship phones.” – reported by tech enthusiasts.

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“The Korean company is preparing the biggest overhaul to the cameras on its flagship phones for next year, according to people familiar with the company’s plans. Its upcoming Galaxy S11 will sport a 108-megapixel sensor for the main camera — versus the iPhone 11’s 12 — flanked by three more on the back of the device including an ultrawide-angle lens and 5x optical zoom, they said.”

The marquee gadget will likewise receive a period of-flight sensor for profundity recognition like one as of now in the Note 10+, an element that can help representation photographs and enlarged reality applications, the individuals stated, asking not to be distinguished examining details that haven’t been made open.

The reports from the tech enthusiasts familiar to the company

“Samsung will likewise broaden the high-goals sensor and 5x zoom camera to the Galaxy Fold clamshell gadget – which is relied upon to be freely uncovered around the hour of the Galaxy S11’s dispatch in February, the reports affirmed. The pile of new highlights signal Samsung’s recharged responsibility to portable photography following quite a while of negligible development, just as an endeavor to get Apple in the camera stakes.”

The downpour on the camera front joins the presentation of foldable gadgets and fifth-age remote network as center mainstays of Samsung’s equipment methodology, highlights Apple won’t have the option to coordinate until its next iPhone revive in September. A Samsung Electronics agent declined to remark. The organization inherits an increase of 1.8% on Friday. 

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Now that closest rival Huawei Technologies Co. is struggling in Europe thanks to U.S. sanctions, Samsung can consolidate its lead by doing what it’s always done: overwhelming consumers with specs.

Affiliate Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. developed the 5x zoom module and started production earlier this year. Similar technology has figured in devices from Chinese competitors Huawei and Oppo. Both rivals licensed their zoom tech from Corephotonics Ltd., an Israeli company Samsung acquired early in 2019.

Heading into 2020, as multi-camera and multi-lens arrays become the norm on smartphones, Samsung stands to benefit from owning a pioneer in this developing field. Camera specs, in particular, feature heavily in consumer-buying decisions in developing markets such as India, Counterpoint Research data has shown.