Bored of doing the stressful work? Need a change? Need a break? Then, watching TV is the easiest way to get relaxed and energized. But sometimes because of the tight schedule of work, there may be no time to watch your favorite shows sitting in one place. So there is a need to get upgraded with the technology to avail the benefit of watching your Tv shows on the go which means you will be able to watch your TV shows on your android devices i.e. your smartphone. Cool right??

There are many apps available on the internet to serve this need. Here is the list of the best apps to watch TV from your smartphones with their brief introduction just for you.

Best Apps to Watch TV from Your SmartPhones:

Here is the list of several apps to watch TV on your smartphone. Go through the apps to choose the one that suits your needs.

  1. TeaTV

TeaTV is a free streaming app that will serve your need for entertainment to the best. You will be able to watch the trailers of the upcoming movies or shows, get to know the reviews of the movies or the shows and you will also get information about the release dates of the upcoming movies. It will also help you to keep track of the movies you already watched or you wish to watch or the one you liked which in turn will help to get you notified of the shows that seem interesting to you. You will be very much pleased to use it for the awesome user interface it provides.

  1. Jio TV

Jio is a widely used Network in India. It provides free subscriptions for many of its applications like JioSaavan, JioCinema, JioNews, etc, for its users and subscribers. JioTV is one such application that is available for free for Jio Network users. It provides HD and Non-HD streaming of about 600 channels in English and many other regional languages. It has different categories of content like entertainment, news, sports, or any live shows all of which can be accessed with a single tap. It also provides the feature to pause and play the live shows, Record your favorite shows so that you can watch them at your convenient time, rewind/ forward, mark your favorite shows, and set the reminder for it so you don’t miss your favorite show.

  1. Tata Sky Live TV App:

Like Jio TV, Tata Sky Live TV is an online Live TV app that is available absolutely free for Tata Sky DTH users. Tata Sky is one of the most widely used DTH services. You will get all the services that you have subscribed to in your Android app. There are around 600 channels available to watch including Sports, movies, shows, news, etc. You can also get streaming of video-on-demand from the 5000+ titles. You can pin your favorite shows. You can customize your Tata Sky TV app by keeping the channels of your interest and removing the rest which will be very comfortable for you to use.

  1. Live Net TV

It is the Live Tv show App that hosts more than 700+ Channels across different countries like India, the US, the UK, Middle Eastern Countries, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and many more. It is a simple and easy-to-use app that is available absolutely free. It streams different content like movies, entertainment, VOD, Live shows, and many other popular shows.

  1. Pluto TV:

Pluto TV is one of the best TV apps for android users. It is a free live TV app that gives access to 200+ TV channels. It also streams thousands of binge-worthy movies and shows. You can watch anything like movies, breaking news, live sports, and much more content on Pluto TV. Some of the top channels available in this app are CNN, NBC News, Fox Sports, and the list goes on.

Final Words:

Work is mandatory and so is the break. You can take a break to get refreshed in different ways but watching some of your favorite shows is the easiest entertainment one can have.  Watching the TV shows at your convenient time and place is the need of the hour. The list of TV apps, some of which are listed in this article, helps you to watch your favorite TV shows or VODs on your smartphones whenever and wherever you want.


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