Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Full Charging Time

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Earphones are entry-level earphones with Bluetooth connectivity, built on OnePlus’s technology of offering the best product experience and competitive rates. Launched with the OnePlus 8 on April 14, this new wireless earbud comes with some great features of its premium Bullets 2 Wireless and bringing its own improvements in terms of quality and sound. The Bullets Wireless Z is highly reasonable and is value-for-money wireless earbuds right now in the market. However, do they live on its spec sheet, and what is its full charging time? Let us check out the complete details here.

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Full Charging Time

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Full Charging Time

It takes around half an hour to fully charge oneplus bullets wireless z. When the earphone is charging, red light is shown. Once it is fully charged, a white light will start showing.

How is the Battery Life of Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z?

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z takes one huge step forward with its battery life. These earphones assure to deliver over 20 hours on one single charge. They really exceeded their rated battery life.

You get a battery life of 20 hours that is fantastic and 10-minute of top off that delivers 10 more hours of playback, which is wonderful.

A product is not the OnePlus product if not supported by Warp Charge. It is a known fact that Bullets Wireless Z will ingest over 10 hours of the playback time in just 10-minute of full charging is quite incredible. It comes quite handy and takes one hour to charge these earphones completely.

10-minute charge get 10 hours of playtime

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z headphones are all set for you. One single 10 mins of charge will give you 10 hrs of non-stop music. The full charging of this device will give over 20 to 17 hours of battery life, no need to stop listening when you have OnePlus Bullets Wireless.

Battery Performance and Charging Speed

The battery performance of OnePlus bullets wireless Z is its strongest aspect. Besides, this company claims over 20 hours of endless music playback on one single charge, it is a marked improvement on Bullets Wireless 14hour claim.

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z amazing batter life comes accompanied by amazing Warp Charge fast charging technology that fills up an empty battery at just one glance. OnePlus says 10 min of charge will be enough in giving you over 10 hours of non-stop music playback.

When tested personally, I found their claim to be right and I charged my OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z earphone for 10 mins and looped my earphones through the playlist, and set the volume to 50%. Earbuds lasted for more than 10 hours before getting disconnected. We performed another loop test and checked 20 hours of its endurance claim. Once again, these earbuds delivered what was promised and lasted for over 20 hours and 8 min before setting off.

OnePlus Wireless Z earphones are just incredible when we talk about battery performance. There’re many Bluetooth wireless earphones available in the market at this range that will deliver a king battery life on one single charge. But, your OnePlus Wireless Z will be ready before you think, just 10-minutes of charge will give you 10 more hours of non-stop music and HD movies. The full charge offers over 20 hours of battery life, hence you can let the music go on.

Final Words

Coming to an end, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z earphones are the best earphones available in the market that we have tested looking at their price range. They’re comfortable, well-designed, and have the most convenient features. They come with certified water resistance that will assuage those who want to listen to non-stop music around water.

Its sound quality is highly acceptable looking at this price range. We have heard better from OnePlus’ Bullets Wireless Z, however, none of them are in this amazing price range. For the buyers who are on a tight budget, the audio quality on an offer must be perfectly acceptable & enjoyable.


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