Do you remember the days when we used to go hopping in search of greeting cards to mark any special event?  It was the easiest way to express our love, feelings, and thoughts those days.  But now with the advancement of technology and people being so busy, we have found an alternative solution of digital greeting cards or e-cards.   Initially, these websites would provide service only for people who were ready to pay, but now the stereotype is changing.  There are a lot of websites that are ready to offer you e-cards for free.

Make your loved ones feel special by sending cards for any occasion with these top 5 free e-cards websites.  You can go to any of the websites and pick your card and messages for any occasion and make it memorable.  These sites charge you varying from no charge to premium payment, so you can choose according to your budget.  

1. Punchbowl:  If you are looking for something classy and chic, then this website is a one-stop-shop.  The advantage of e-cards is you can reach out to a bunch of people at once.  Punchbowl offers online invitations as well as e-cards.  No matter what the occasion is, be it an anniversary, birthday, apology, thanksgiving, baby shower, you name it and Punchbowl has it.  The best thing about Punchbowl e-cards is the look and feel of the cards that are no way less than paper cards.  This website allows you to print your e-cards once you have sent them to the recipients.  Punchbowl offers a free trial for seven days and has three monthly pricing plans.

2. Greetings Island:  Greetings Island is a free online e-card designing website  This platform helps you to design a card for any occasion such as birthday, good wishes, farewell, holidays, anniversary, etc.  Once you have designed your card you can send it to your friends through mail or Facebook.  You can even download them as pdf or print them.  Greetings island also has a paid version, which offers extra services.

3. Paperless Post:  Paperless post is a web-based platform that allows you to design your e-cards with a touch of your style.  Their collection of robust tools and personalized templates helps you to be expressive while designing your cards.  When you are looking for free greeting cards the free filter feature has to be used to get free cards.  Another feature of Paperless Post is it lets you track responses and invitations with tracking options.

4. Smilebox:  Smile box is a free online invitation platform.  You can create animated e-cards, invitations, and slideshows.  They have a huge number of e-card templates for all occasions.  It includes birthdays, graduation, good luck wishes, apology, etc.  You can choose a template, personalize and share it with your favorite people for free.  You can use the slideshow option for your birthday celebration and send it to people who have missed it.  All these options make this site the best free e-card website.

5. Open Me:  If you are new to online cards and stuff then this is the website for you.  This website offers you e-cards that are old but classy rather than modern ones.  This website is best if you like to have a personalized card with your own message and photo.  Another exceptional feature of this website is the Group cards where more than one person can participate to design a single card.  This works well when you want to wish a farewell or wish for a birthday in a group, etc.  It also allows you to customize from scratch with personal stickers, messages, and uploaded photos.  They also have the schedule feature where you can schedule the card for a later date.

Any occasion is made memorable when you gift a card or present a bouquet, but for any reason, if you have failed to do so e-cards are always at your rescue.  Designing an e-card takes very little time.  When you know the occasion, you can select one of the above websites and design it accordingly.  The preference of the website depends on your style and requirement.  These websites allow you to send wishes to your loved ones and let them know that you’re thinking of them free of cost.  



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