How solar panels are becoming an essential power system?


Solar energy has emerged as a significant source of energy, which can reduce the increasing amount of pollution. Many researchers are working to develop their capacity to store solar power and trying to spread this over territories.

The scientists of Groningen and Nanyang University of technology are trying to increase the ability of the solar panels so that those can store solar energy as much as possible. A means of harness has been found by them, which can help them to reach their desired destination.

It has been claimed by the International Renewable Energy Agency, that by 2050, solar energy would become the second-largest source of energy after the wind power. It is also claimed that the use of solar energy can increase by 70% 2020 onwards.

 Why is solar panel being used by almost every authority and family?

Everyone may agree on the fact that solar energy is becoming cheaper; at a reasonable cost, every people can afford to fit solar panels on the roof of their houses and offices. Occasionally people with the consciousness of the environmental impact prefer to use solar energy. So, this is how the usage of solar energy is coming to be so trendy.

The advancement of solar technology


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The typically designed solar panels can be seen on the roofs and in the meadows. The solar panels consume the photons and store them by converting them into electrical energy. The solar panels can only consume energy from those photons which carry a measured energy level, which is found by measuring their bandgap.

The photons sometimes carry the least energy which can not be stored, and sometimes they even carry too much energy that the hot electrons convert it into heat, which also can not be consumed by the solar panels. The semiconductors consume the photons from the solar light. Semiconductors convert the photons into electrical energy.

The bandgap measures the ideal photon for solar panels, the variation between the highest and lowest occupied molecular orbital is the bandgap. According to researcher scientist Pshenichnikov, high energy photons produce hot electrons. The substances can easily consume this kind of electron.

According to him, more amount of photons should be collected by developing more wider bandgap. The team is trying to develop a wider bandgap by looking into an organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite semiconductor. This band is paired with an organic compound. This organic compound is called a bathophenanthroline.

Scientists Pshenichnikov insists that “We used a method called pump-push probing to excite electrons in two steps and study them at femtosecond timescales.” It helped them to generate electrons out of the bandgap. After this, Psenichnikov said that they are trying to build up a new device by using the substance in the presentation.

If the team gets successful in this attempt, then it can increase the capacity of the solar panels so that the solar panels store solar energy as much as possible.


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