Why Has the Internet Become Need for Human Life?

The Internet has become a fundamental necessity in our daily lives. No one can think of him or herself doing various types of jobs without taking the help of the internet. The markets, restaurants, shopping malls, even the medical shops -the internet has brought them to us at our doorsteps.

From our studies to our education, we have been so much dependent on the support of the internet. The Internet has allowed us to make new companions over social media; even sometimes, people also find their soulmates through the internet.

This particular subject also has helped us in discovering our hidden mastery.

What are Wikipedia and its New Resemblance to WT: Social


Wikipedia is one of those platforms which helps one to clarify their questions on something which can be education or general knowledge related. Wikipedia keeps every detail about scholars and essential personalities. But sometimes cellular web earth also can provide us with wrong information; even this platform can bring you fake news.

Then whom to trust?

There are not considerably many lips to answer this question. The co-founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales has come up with a solution to this problem. Wales has claimed that this is the platform that can help people out of their problems without providing any wrong information.

The new name of this site would be WT: Social.

Jimmy has declared that – “it would be carrying the resemblance of Wikipedia.” Though the last address would be “.Social” in this case. Further, it is a platform of a company with whom they’ve had no business links before.

This very new social media platform has come up with its unique characteristics in the last month. The operating system of this website is the same as Wikipedia. According to Mr. Wales, “The business model of social media corporations, of pure advertisement, is problematic. It turns out the huge winner is low-quality content”.

Now there are nearly 50,000 people who are using this platform to collect the exact data for their queries. Jimmy Wales has built up this platform so that the customers can get the proper results of their examinations. Receiving 50,000 users within a few days is quite remarkable.

Wales has tried to keep its advertisement free, as much as possible. According to Wales, this may bring a massive change in social media life, which could give rise to back those days where people could quickly get to see the posts from their family and friends on their news feeds without any problems of advertisement. WT social: has promised to save their customers data and would not sell them. They have ensured the security of their customers.

Thus, it would be interesting to witness how this new application from the Wikipedia founder would make it in the latest social media market. Hope this further would be making a social impact in the coming few years and could be one of the most anticipated be-looked at in the mere future.


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