Know How Two-Minute Videos Can Be A Game Changer For Your Instagram Page

Instagram is one of the most efficient social media sites to promote and sell your brands. This platform has a colorful user-interface and numerous features that make it superior to any other app.

Over the last decade, Instagram has mastered its advertisement policies and made it very easy for business owners to grow their business more substantially.

What Is The Video Advantage?

Videos are a better medium of content on social media, any day. They have a much higher rate of consumption and are proven to give better engagements to any social-media page. More than 70% of all online content consumption is in the form of videos.

Know How Two-Minute Videos Can Be A Game Changer For Your Instagram Page

This shift has given birth to the phenomenon of video and Instagram marketing. The ability to share more information in less time has made videos the go-to medium for communication. The average person on the internet today would rather watch a five-minute video than read an article on the same subject.

This change has also made it very easy to make videos. With the rise in demand for online videos, instagram video editor pc and Mac are available across multiple channels. Making videos using these tools is as simple as a drag and drop, and they also come with pre-set templates.

We cannot ignore the most vital benefit of videos: the visual elements. This means you will be able to better showcase your brand and the products on video. Even complicated and technical information can be explained with ease.

How Much Video Do Instagram Users Consume?

To better understand the need for videos, we must understand the social media trend around them. Statistics indicate that there are over 200 million users on Instagram, who visit at least one business page each day. At an average, users spend at least 28 minutes on the platform, based on a recent study in 2020.

The more you dig into the abyss of Instagram, the better you will understand that it is the go-to platform to gain eyeballs. An average of five million videos is posted on Instagram each day. This value is said to go up by 100% each year.

There is a significant advantage of running video ads. A sponsored Instagram video can give you three times more comments and engagements as compared to a regular video. The platform is hands-down more conducive to videos.

A crucial statistic to note is that the average attention span of a user on each post on the platform is only around seven to eight seconds. The videos you post should have a powerful concept and a well-made beginning if you want it to retain a viewer for longer.

Understanding IGTV

Video on Instagram falls into two categories. The first is a one-minute video. While these videos play on a loop and do not redirect the user to IGTV, it is too little time to make any meaningful connections with the users.

When you post a two-minute long video on Instagram, the video will be posted as part of your IGTV feed.

IGTV gives you more room for customization, like creating playlists and adding a call to action. It also lets you display a Search Results Featured snippet from the web 15 seconds preview of the same video on the feed.

IGTV videos can be in two formats. They can be made in the 9:16 ratio to fit the portrait mode or 16:9 for full-screen-landscape. The preview that you add to your feed will, however, be in a 16:9 ratio or a 4:5 ratio crop of the portrait video.

IGTV has made it possible for both business and content creators to post long-form videos and make the most of the platform. This is the real game-changer for Instagram.

What Can Two-Minute Videos Do?

The advantage of keeping the video less than two minutes long is to meet the attention span of the viewer. Users who consume longer videos might prefer video streaming platforms and not social media platforms. The videos need to as crisp and attractive as possible.

Video content is used as a medium to communicate with your audience more effectively. There are mainly two reasons why anyone would follow a page on Instagram: information and entertainment. Your videos must fit into one or both of these domains to be a success.

The same piece of content from any other social media platform can be resized and posted here. For example, any of the financial advisor facebook ad templates can be reused on Instagram too. Some templates can be found on sites like Canva or InVideo.

The videos can be from a wide range of options like a new store item, product launch, discounts, sales, a message from CEO, testimonials of clients, audiences-sourced videos, the announcement of an event, etc.

What is very important about all these videos is they must have a defined call-to-action, and you must keep the editing very purpose-driven. Your visual content can be of any nature, but it is essential to stick to your brand’s theme and mood.

Unlike dedicated video platforms, the shelf life of a video on IG is minimal. This is why you must aim to make a larger quantity of content. Your posting schedule must be planned in a way to give your audience more diverse content and keep them coming back for more.

In Conclusion

The golden rule that is endorsed by social media legend Gary Vee is “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.” The gist of the theory is that you must provide meaningful content to your users a few times before you can toss in a sales post.

Instagram is a social media platform; it cannot look like the advertisement section of a tabloid. Make meaningful videos and play to the interests of your target audience.

The best way to leverage Instagram is by being consistent. See what kinds of videos are liked by your audience and give them more.

Lastly, plan your posting ahead of time. If you are a brand or business, it is a good idea to schedule a calendar of posting. Shooting and editing all videos ahead of time allows you to produce better videos and provides room to study page analytics better.


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