We all have been so grown up with some memories of the animated movies. Who else has not had memories with such a thing that entertains us, motivates us and moreover brings back our childhood memories?  3D animation has taken that at another phase. It has given all the animated objects a new look and motion.

How is science giving 3D animation a new stage?

Now the 3D animation is not ceased in the field of cartoon animation but the researchers are trying to put up with something new, which would lead to a new era of technology. Day by day the 3D animation technology is getting advanced, which would indeed increase its demand more than ever. Experimenters at Sussex are researching a lot on the development of 3D animation.

A device has been created by them, which will help the 3D animated objects to interact with the viewers. The scientists are not concerned about the fact of interacting with digital symbols and animation but their concern is to visualize and feel the data by tracing the shape of a particular animated object.

The first demonstration was of ‘a butterfly, flapping its wings, numbers hanging in the air and planet earth rotating.’ The images are created in the 3D space and one can it from every angle. With the control of the ultrasonic researchers can make it talk, walk and so many things which would not be a difficulty if one has the proper skill to control the ultrasonic field.

Researchers even can give it the accompaniment of melody. This sound function helps the objects to interact with the people. Dr. Subramanian has claimed that this particular technology can be used in other aspects of entertainment. He also said that if someone wants to create there own experience with Harry Potter, then he or she can put their hands out to cast a spell and just after they can watch a shining ball growing on his hands.

According to him, they can also hear sounds from it too if they want to. Ryuji Hirayama another scientist of the group has insisted that this was one of their dream projects and they wanted to build up a device that would help us with connecting ourselves with our family though displaying their 3D images.

This device looks very close to a hologram. He said,  “I believe that in the future, such displays will allow us to interact with our family and friends as if they are close by, so you can see, touch and hear them, ”. The display pictures are made between the two horizontal plates. These are studded with tiny ultrasonic transducers.

The scientists have explained that they have tried to give it a little more advancement. Julie Williamson has said that this is the first step towards the achievement of the project.

She has also claimed that soon man will able to see and even touch they’re nearer through this particular device when they are in a long-distance. Quoting her word, “I imagine a future where 3D displays can create experiences that are indistinguishable from the physical objects they are simulating,” she said.

That day is not far when technology will bring our family to our home when we are not present with them. Thus, we witness how the world of animation has progressed to this stage, coping along with the progress in the field of science.


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