A Beginner's Guide to Using Video Content to Increase Leads and Conversions 2

Considering how effective online marketing is these days, you need to have a solid content marketing strategy in place to build your brand awareness and increase your leads and conversions. As you may have guessed, video is a vital part of a lucrative content marketing strategy.

As per Wyzowl’s statistics, 63% of businesses make use of video marketing, out of which 82% maintain that video marketing is an integral part of their marketing strategy. Video marketing is known to provide a high Return on Investment (ROI).

Why do you need a video marketing strategy?

Here are a few primary reasons you may need a HubSpot video marketing strategy:

Videos are easy to watch and retain

Videos are popular because they are easy to consume and retain. Videos do well to simplify the most complex subjects and ideas keep the viewer interested, which is something blog posts and infographics cannot do as effectively. You can release long videos to provide detailed analyses and relatively shorter videos for quick, direct answers and explanations, making it easy to win over even the laziest prospect.

A Beginner's guide to using Video Content to increase leads and conversions 1

Videos help you build trust

Building trust is an essential part of marketing. With the number of choices out there, you need to stand out to your target audience as a reliable, credible, and valuable option. In other words, you need to get your audience to trust you. Want to build trust? Create useful content. Focus more on putting out content that your audience finds helpful and give them value. The more you help your followers, the higher your chances of getting them to trust you.

Videos are great for SEO

Getting your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) right is vital. Platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and so forth want videos. Videos are more likely to gain traction, which means that having videos on your page that are optimized for the search engine can help your page rank well on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Videos work well for mobile users

Chances are your target audience will discover you on their phones since everyone is on the phone at all times in this day and age. People tend to consume and share content on different social media platforms on their phone, which is why you need to optimize your videos for mobiles. People watch all kinds of videos on their phone – IGTV videos, vlogs, YouTube videos, movies, etc. on the go.

Videos help you increase your social shares

Social shares are necessary to keep track of because most of your target audience is on social media. Social media users post tons of content on their walls all day. If you want to drive up your traffic and brand awareness, you need to monitor your social shares.

You can experiment with different types of videos, lengths, storylines, and so forth, depending on your goals and the platforms you are using. For example, you may want to stick to direct, 60-second videos on Instagram and slightly longer ones for IGTV. You could post both types of videos on Facebook. You can upload relatively longer videos on YouTube and tackle topics in depth. Examples of these are documentaries, short films, etc. Whatever you post, make sure your video evokes a feeling when the viewer watches it. Videos that engage emotions and imagination get shared.

Videos make it easy to explain

Video tutorials are popular for a reason. They convey the story better than written posts, audio and infographics, and combine all three. Since brands know that video tutorials and explanations land well, they tend to have an introductory or explainer video on their homepage. You could shoot regular videos or animated videos with effects to drive home the points you are trying to make.

The type of video you choose to put out will depend on what you want out of it and the target audience you wish to appeal to. Ultimately, your videos must be informative and entertaining. Be sure to get your hands on a free video editing software to create the video.

Video trends should you be aware of?

Now that you know the value of having a video marketing strategy, here are a few trends you should be aware of as you create videos:

Going Live regularly is crucial

While putting great content in the form of tutorials, vlogs, testimonials, webinars, etc. is vital, you need to engage your audience from time to time. You need to let your audience know you care about them. Going live is a real way to connect with your followers since you are doing it in real-time. Going live allows you to talk to your followers, receive feedback, and create new content based on the ideas they give you.

Getting on YouTube is essential

As a video creator, there is no excuse not to be on YouTube. You need to put out quality content on YouTube, set up your channel, and optimize your videos and channel to get the most traffic and reach. YouTube allows you to monetize your videos, which is not true for Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to keep SEO in mind as you put out content.

Focus on storytelling

With the surge in options and the decline in attention span, you need to be able to get your target audience’s attention. The best way to do this is to tell stories with your videos. Facts, stats, and other information can only get you so far. However, excellent storytelling engages emotions, which will compel your viewer to watch your videos and yearn for more. Want to stand out? Put some thought and work into telling a compelling story with your videos.


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