Military and warfare dramas have a unique appeal. Unlike any other genre, they spark a feeling of patriotism and depict the complete range of human emotions like love, trauma, hardship, separation, violence, etc., in times of adversity.

 In the US, military and war dramas are used to bolster the morale of troops, encourage the youth to enroll in the armed forces, appeal to taxpayers to foot defense bills, and, more importantly, make people aware of the reality of war and what it means to be a soldier.

Given the reasons above, it does not come as a surprise that the relationship between the US armed forces and Hollywood goes back a long way. Over the years, the association has benefited both sides. Production houses get access to personnel, classified information, locations, vehicles, weapons, equipment, and technical know-how, lending authenticity to their creations. On the other hand, the armed forces benefit from the way they are presented to the audiences. So strong is the association that each branch of the US armed forces has appointed an intermediary for mediating with production houses, keeping the Department of Defense, CIA, and other national agencies in the loop.

Audiences have much to thank Hollywood and the US armed forces for their close ties. Had it not been for their association, some of the most mind-boggling and engaging productions like Transformers, The Hurt Locker, Black Hawk Down, Battleship, Saving Private Ryan, and others would never have seen the light of the day. A noteworthy addition to this list is the American military drama, SEAL Team, streaming now on Paramount Plus and CBS.

This post reviews SEAL Team and the best tool to satisfy all your Paramount Plus download needs, the KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader. Let’s begin.

SEAL Team: High-Voltage Military Drama

In a daring mission on an early morning in May 2011, a SEAL team six gunned down Osama Bin Laden, the founder leader of the Islamic militant outfit Al-Qaeda, on a compound in the Abbottabad district of Pakistan. The mission instantly put the Navy SEALs into the global spotlight and made them heroes the world over. It was perhaps also the first time many would have heard about Navy SEALs.

For those still wondering, Navy SEALs are the most highly-trained and elite special operations teams in the United States armed forces. There are 12 specialized teams comprising the Navy SEALs, all experts in conducting daring missions on the land and in the sea and air. One of them is the SEAL Team Six. The team was constituted in 1980 and is specially trained to handle sensitive tasks such as counter-terrorism, special reconnaissance, and hostage rescue with utmost precision.

Although not based on true events, the Paramount Plus and CBS American military drama SEAL Team is greatly inspired by SEAL Team Six. The previous four seasons had given viewers many reasons to rejoice, and Season 5 continues to enthrall audiences with its characters and their stories.

 The show delves deep into the personal and professional lives of a fictional Navy SEAL unit as they prepare for covert, dangerous, high-stakes, and deadly missions for the United States of America. Although the characters and assignments are not based on actual events, the structure, equipment, and production values exude a feeling of authenticity. SEAL Team takes you through some high-voltage warfare as the unit embarks on various missions like extracting a dangerous weapons dealer from North Korea, preventing terrorist attacks in Africa, and fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

All in all, SEAL Team Season 5 is a must-watch for viewers who love American military drama and feel a rush of blood and patriotism when seeing their soldiers in the US armed forces uniform. What makes it an even more compulsive watch are the ups and downs in the lives of the elite group that it takes you through. Watch SEAL Team streaming live now on Paramount Plus. 

About Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is the reinvented version of the hugely-popular CBS All Access streaming service. The online streaming platform, owned by ViacomCBS, is a goldmine of entertainment. It houses within its armory arrows like Comedy Central, BET, Nickelodeon, MTV, and the Smithsonian Channel, which are enough to take down any rival streaming service. If that was not enough, it also has in store next-gen weapons, such as Miramax, Paramount, and MGM Originals, not found anywhere else. Paramount Plus also offers its subscribers access to more than 30,000 blockbuster movies, popular TV shows, riveting Originals, local CBS radio stations, and news and sports events streaming live. So, the next time you wonder what all can you download on Paramount Plus, the answer is right there above. All in all, Paramount Plus is a potent weapon every entertainment lover should have in their armory.

How Can You Download on Paramount Plus Videos for Offline Viewing?

The Paramount Plus download facility is available to users on the streaming service’s official app. However, it is only limited to Android and iOS devices.

Downloading videos from Paramount Plus is as easy as tying your shoelaces. Simply launch the Paramount Plus app and locate the video to download. Check if the video is available for download. An easy way to check if your chosen video is available for download is to look for a downward arrow next to it. If you find the downward arrow, just click on it to begin downloading your favorite video. Simple, isn’t it?

If I Can Download Directly from Paramount Plus, Why Do I Need the KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader?

That’s a long but interesting question. Here’s the answer. Although present, the Paramount Plus download facility places several restrictions on its subscribers.

  • Users can only download  25 videos per device and not more.
  • Whether you watch them or not, the downloaded videos will be deleted in 30 days because that is what their expiry date is.
  • You will be disappointed to know that not every Paramount Plus video is available for download.
  • If you own a device other than Android or iOS, you can forget about downloading your favorite Paramount Plus videos for offline viewing.
  • If you thought you would get popular among friends and families by sharing the downloaded Paramount Plus videos with them, you might have to hide your face in shame as the app does not allow sharing downloads with other devices or users.

Besides the above, you are likely to face other issues like poor download speeds and inferior video and audio quality. It is precisely to provide you freedom from all the above problems that the KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader was introduced. With all the features it offers (we will learn about them in just a moment) and its hassle-free functioning, the KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader is, arguably, the most efficient and cost-effective Paramount Plus download tool available today.

About KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader

The KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader is an offshoot service of the KeepStream Video Downloader. It is a premium and cost-effective way to execute the Paramount Plus download function without having to go through the trouble of encountering the usual download restrictions placed by the official Paramount Plus app. Besides allowing users to download unlimited expiry date-free videos and share them with their loved ones, the KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader provides many other outstanding features. These include:

1. High-Resolution Video and Crystal-clear Audio Downloads

The KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader is an excellent tool to download your favorite Paramount Plus movies and shows in high-resolution 720p/1080p video and crystal-clear 5.1 soundtrack quality.

2. Remux Subtitles into Videos or Save as .SRT Files

With the KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader, you have the option to either include subtitles directly into the videos or save them separately as .srt files.

3. Bulk Downloads

One of the highlights of the KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader is its bulk download feature. The bulk or batch download function enables users to download more than one episode and even an entire season simultaneously instead of downloading them one by one.

4. Ad-free Downloads

Another striking feature of the KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader is the ability to download videos without ads, even if users own the ad-supported limited commercials plan. It is a boon for viewers who do not like to be interrupted in the midst of their favorite videos.

5. Fast Downloads

Subscribing to the KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader gives you freedom from having to wait endlessly for videos to download. The software allows you to download your chosen Paramount Plus in less than 5 minutes.

How Do I Download Paramount Plus Videos With the KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader?

You can download Paramount Plus videos with the KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader following the three simple steps listed below:

Step 1 – Download and Install the KeepStream Video Downloader

Visit the official website of the KeepStream video downloader and install the same on your streaming device. Once you are on the main menu, you will find the option for ‘streaming services’ to the left of the screen. Open the ‘streaming services’ menu to reveal the various supported services.

Step 2 – Choose Paramount Plus and Launch the Application

From the ‘streaming services’ menu, choose ‘Paramount Plus’ and launch the application within the browser. Go through the collection of videos and select your favorite one to download. Once you click on play, the ‘Ready to Download’ button will appear on your screen. Click the ‘Ready to Download’ button to customize audio and subtitle preferences.

Step 3 – Download Video

Once you are done customizing the audio and subtitle preferences, click on the ‘Download Now’ button to initiate the Paramount Plus download process. Your video will start downloading automatically. While the video downloads in the background, you can continue watching it online or browse other videos to download.


For a software so amazing, the KeepStream Paramount Plus downloader is reasonably priced. You will need to shell out just $19.90 for the monthly subscription and $59.90 for the yearly subscription. The monthly plan includes a single license for a single device, and the annual subscription offers one license for 2 devices. Both the monthly and yearly subscription plans come with auto-renewal and anytime cancellation options, 48-hour customer support, free updates, and a 14-day money-back guarantee. Isn’t that awesome?


Paramount Plus might not be as popular as some other online video streaming platforms, but it surely isn’t far behind. Considering the never-ending list of unique content it offers, it would be a shame not to have the streaming service as part of your entertainment repertoire. And when it comes to finding the perfect partner to execute the Paramount Plus download functionality, there is none better than the KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader. So, what are you waiting for? Download the KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader today and enjoy Seal Team and much more from the comfort of your home.


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