The Hating Game

Hulu’s The Hating Game is a romantic comedy vividly depicting a modern love story at work. Contrary to the common tone, the chemistry between the two protagonists is “hate at first sight”. Resolving to achieve professional success without compromising her ethics, Lucy embarks on a ruthless game of one-upmanship against cold and efficient nemesis Joshua. They quarrel, compete, and play mind games as if they are from two different planets. Yet their love bud grows in the face of adversity. Will they fall in love with each other? Will they commit or continue to play games? How does their relationship work? How thrilling it would be to find out all the answers! Now with the help of Y2Mate Hulu Video Downloader, you can download the fascinating movie of outstanding quality and watch it without any interruptions!


As assistants to the co-CEOs of a publishing company, Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman sit across from each other every day – and they hate each other. Not dislike. Not begrudgingly tolerate. H-A-T-E. Lucy can’t understand Josh’s joyless, uptight approach to his job and refusal to smile, which is in stark contrast to her bright clothes, quirkiness, and effusive people-pleasing. Trapped in a shared office 5 days a week, they’ve become entrenched in an addictive, ridiculous never-ending game of one-upmanship. Lucy can’t let Josh beat her at anything – especially when a huge new promotion to be Managing Director is up for grabs. They strike a deal that whoever does not get the promotion must quit. It’s game-on – But as tensions reach boiling point and an innocent elevator ride turns into a steamy kiss, Lucy begins to realize just how fine a line there is between love and hate.



Peter Hutchings


Christina Mengert (screenplay by), Sally Thorne (based on the novel by)


Lucy Hale, Austin Stowell, Damon Daunno

Release Date

Dec 10, 2021

Streaming Service


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Disney Plus Downloader Software

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