4 Ways to Solve App Not Installed Android Error

Most of the time android users when installing any new application with .apk file extension on their Android device from Google Play or anywhere else get an error message of “App not installed”.

Sometimes even the “App not installed” message might pop up as the above user described. So, what one must do when installing an APK that says application not installed? In this informative post, we will check out some common error messages and also find the solution to fix the error.

Reasons for App Not Installed Error

Your first step to solve the problem is to know the primary reasons why an app is not getting installed on your Android device. Let us know what causes the application not installed on the Android phone and how you can fix the Android app not installed message, and other versions of Android. There are mainly some reasons for error of installation and they are;

  • App build might have corrupted and core files are modified.
  • Your device storage gets full that can block package installer from the dysfunction.
  • Android software and data like pictures, videos, messages, music, contacts, apps, and emails are stored in your phone’s internal memory and there’s not enough storage left for a new App can lead to the error message.
  • Installing APK bundles not supporting APK Arch installation
  • Android Manifest is a set of permissions & has several permissions where an error may have happened.
  • Suppose you have App installed and download a different variant having the distinct signed and unsigned certificate will give an error message to pop up. It sounds a bit technical, but it can be easily solved by you.
  • Gradle file –The problem will be in its file. So check out the minimum SDK version suitable for your Android device.
  • When you do not download any apps from Play Store and select a different platform for them, those files are mainly corrupt and can’t get installed on your Android device. I recommend not downloading apk from any other sources or website
  • Installing an unsigned app can result in an error message.
  • The application doesn’t support an Android version.

Before you look to fixing the error, ensure you uninstall the already installed application of the same nature. Try to install the app and see if that issue has got fixed.

Ways to Fix App Not Installed Error in Android

4 Ways to Solve App Not Installed Android Error

We know that it is a bit tricky situation when an Android Application not installed error message comes, but it is not very difficult to get rid of this error message. Just follow the given simple solution and you are good to go.

The given solutions might help you end this problem as well as allow you to install the desired application on your android device. If they do not work, you can mention them in the below comment section. We can help you with a possible solution. However, ensure you follow the right instruction to letter first & execute the steps shown here.

Solution 1: Eliminating problem by changing app codes

  • First, visit your Google Play or Play Store on your Android device.
  • Look for the “APK Editor Pro“ app.
  • Download this app on your device. It is a paid application and you can easily find this app by doing Google Search.
  • Open this app and choose the “APK from app” option (depending on the situation of that app you wish to edit).

Solution 2: Permit Apps from Any Unknown Sources

In your android phone, if you want to install an app that isn’t downloaded from your Playstore, you have to tick on Install app from the unknown source. And by default, the option gets unticked for your safety purpose, hence if it is unticked you won’t be able to install an app in your android device and can give you app not installed error in your android smartphone. Hence to fix this error follow the points.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Select security and unknown sources.
  • Click on “Enable Unknown Sources”.
  • Try to install your App again.

After that try to install that app again & check if the error is rightly fixed or not and if not, check out other solutions.

Solution 3: One-click for fixing Android Application not installed error

If you get an android application not installed on phone and tablet error message, most of the time this issue can arise out of corruption in your system files. In such a situation, the Android apps will not get installed doesn’t matter what tricks or measures you take. And for such a case android system repair will be the only effective way to deal with the error.

Your android system repair needs high technical skills however the majority of the users do not know much about the technical things. There is nothing to worry about, you can install the System Repair app for Android that allows you to repair Android very easily, and complete it with one click.

Solution 4: Clear Data & Cache of the Package Installer

  • Open setting of the Android device.
  • Click on the Manage apps option
  • Check for Package Installer App in system Apps
  • You may find 2 options of the Clear data & Clear cache.
  • Clear the cache and data and the problem will get solved instantly.

Final Words

Suppose the given solutions do not work at all for you, then probably error cannot be fixed. Perhaps another reason can be that your Android device is not compatible with that app, or you are running an old version of Android (some app developers have stopped maintaining applications for the older Android versions). Hence, you’re left with the following options:

  • Wait for the app to come on Play Store & download from there.
  • Contact the app developer (Get all details of the developer in the description of an app).
  • Install alternative to the application. On Google Play Store, you will find many apps to select from. Thus, you will definitely get a good alternative to an app you want to download.


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